New Year’s Wreath

Most people save the decorating for Halloween and Christmas but I’m someone who likes to decorate for all special occasions. So to really celebrate the ultimate month of new beginnings (January) I decided to make a New Year’s wreath for my front door (I always have a wreath styled to the time of the year). I also find it quite fitting, as in a previous post I explained that the Month of January was named after the Roman God of doorways and new beginnings. So what you’ll need: Ribbon or lace in colours you feel represent the new year. A wire ring roughly 20cm in diameter. … Continue reading New Year’s Wreath

My New Year’s book list

Now, round the beginning of January, is usually when people start settings goals and making new year’s resolutions. It’s always an exciting and motivating time of year. But usually by June, July many people have given up on their good intentions. We’ve all done it. So I decided to put together a list of books that will help both you and I have the best year and be our best selves, keeping us focused on our goals and our dreams alive. Please don’t limit yourself to just these books, there are literally thousands of inspiring books just waiting to be read, the trick is to find … Continue reading My New Year’s book list